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"Herbalife gave us hope that things will change for the better"

by S. Kalaivanan
S. Kalaivanan

I had always been exercising regularly but somehow my weight seemed to increase nonetheless. During my regular blood donation at NUH back in December 2011, the nurse told me that I needed to reduce my weight as it was an unhealthy sign to gain 10kg in three months! That prompted me to try the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge and its products gave me good results. Within three days of taking the F1 shake as a healthy breakfast, I lost 2.4kg! This motivated me and led me to trust the products. I have been consuming the products for 14 months now and signed up as an Independent Member in 2012. I lost a total of 15kg and five inches off my waistline in three months.

My wife and I had gone through a lot of ups and down in our life. I used to drink a lot and hangout with my friends instead of spending time with my family. As a result of my heavy drinking, I incurred a lot of debts, much more than what my wife’s and my combined salary could pay off. With the increasing debts, we had no choice but to sell our five-room flat in order to pay off everything.

Despite the struggles, Herbalife gave us hope that things will change for the better. My product results gave me the confidence that I can help people, which in turn helps to provide an income for my family to lead better lives. From February 2013, I will become a fulltime Independent Member and will devote my effort into making this work for us.

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